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Three Reasons As To Why Honda Car Sales Are On A Rise In Kerala

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One need not have second thoughts when it comes to buying Honda vehicles. Known for its striking designs, superior engineering and competitive prices, Honda passenger cars are much in demand in India, especially in the state of Kerala.
Its technology prowess and deep customer loyalty coupled with an expansive dealer network has enabled Honda cars to enjoy a dominant position in the passenger car segment. The proof of its success in India can be seen in its sales figures which show an annual growth of 13.3% with monthly domestic sales of 11,278 units in May 2017 against 9,954 units in the corresponding month last year. Strong demand for cars like Honda City, Honda Brio, Honda Amaze, Honda Jazz, Honda WR-V, Honda Mobilio and Honda BR-V across Honda dealerships, particularly ones in Kerala, have contributed to the surge in sales this year.
Following are some of the reasons why Honda car sales are on the rise in India:

  • Great Customer Service

For many car buyers, the quality of the service they receive plays a determining factor when it comes to purchasing a particular car brand. Knowing that customer service will be excellent can induce a potential car buyer to buy from that particular brand. When it comes to customer service satisfaction, Honda ranks highest among volume brands. Its focus on key areas which include service quality, service initiation, vehicle service facility and servicing has enabled it to provide a consistently positive customer experience which has contributed to a large extent to a rise in sales.

  • Honda Cars Are Fuel Efficient

With present day rising prices in fuel, having a fuel efficient car is a must if you are looking to save on money and Honda cars are one of the best when it comes to delivering impressive mileage. The new Honda City manual transmission petrol variant boasts of a mileage of 16kmpl and its diesel variant of 23kmpl. Its automatic transmission petrol variant offers 18kmpl and 26kmpl for diesel on the highway, positioning these among the leading fuel efficient cars in India. The Honda Amaze diesel is one other fuel efficient car that has been witnessing considerable sales success.

  • Honda Cars Have Great Resale Value

Most car buyers, when shopping for a new vehicle take into consideration what the resale value of the car would be when they do eventually try to sell it. Cars that tend to retain their value best over time are very much in demand. When it comes to resale value, Honda cars have consistently made it to various lists of the ‘best resale value vehicle’ in the compact, sub-compact and midsize classes. The typical car depreciates by 60% or more over five years while certain Honda vehicles only depreciate by an average of 35% over five years. This factor has made Honda cars a preferred choice for most when it comes to purchasing cars and one of the reasons for a rise in sales.
Despite the ups and down of a choppy market, Honda dealerships across India are well set to meet the increasing demand for their cars that will push their sales in India to a new high in the coming years.
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